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About us


PHONE: (865) 320-4272

Family-owned & operated, Blossom is a quaint herb & oil shop in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We strive to offer a broad selection of organic & wild-crafted oils, herbs, and body care products for visitors and residents of Eastern Tennessee.

99% of our shop is sourced from organically cultivated or wild plant sources and cultivated-without-chemicals.The small handful of items that are conventionally grown are clearly labeled as such....on the front of the packaging!! 
Finally, a place weary label-readers can relax and simply shop. 


We offer high quality, genuine, & pure oils and herbs; however there are many other reputable online and brick-and-mortar sellers who do the same. We will NOT resort to colorful marketing concepts claiming that we are the only company to offer 100% pure, genuine & authentic oils or herbs in existence. Nor will we claim to be of a certain "grade" or "certification" to which simply does not exist. Our essential oils, specifically, are sourced from a handful of small, family-run distributors across the USA who have serviced the aromatherapy profession for decades; they maintain close relationships with the distilleries who produce our fine oils. We take great pride in the quality of every product that is placed in the store and on the website. We hope it shows. 


 In keeping with this transparency, our shop is not, yet, certified organic by USDA standards. Which simply means, when we receive bulk quantities of "certified organic" herbs and/or oils from a producer or distributor, and we open that seal to provide smaller, more manageable quantities for you, the products can no longer be considered "certified organic" by USDA standards.  We believe that choosing not to file extensive government paperwork and pay the required fees (which would naturally affect our pricing) would not make the product any less "organic." If you or your organization require this certification, sadly, we may not be the correct shop for your needs. Perhaps someday our quaint shop will seek this certification for our extensive product listing, but it is simply not in our immediate future.

In that vein, some element of trust is required with any transaction...whether it be trust in a certifying agency, trust in an individual packer or re-seller, or trust in a grower. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to earn your trust. 
Our oils are offered with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, please email us and return your package. 
If you aren't delighted, we aren't either.

Welcome to Blossom!
Please contact us with any questions you may have. We will answer to the best of our abilities.

PS- We are not medical professionals and will not presume to offer medical advice. Any information on this site or any linked pages or sites are for informational purposes only. *You know the routine.*